Push Notifications at 'Due Time'



Yes I agree with the above


Thank you Asana for your response on this issue.

This is still an important feature request for me, so I’m going to go ahead and continue to ask for it too.

I have missed appointments with people because even though I set a due time, I didn’t get an alert about it.

I’m going to go one step further and request that when due time alerts are added, please allow alerts before tasks are due (ie 15min before, 1hr before, etc).

Thank you for producing this great product!


Hi Kevin,

Are you willing to share this tool?



Weighing in here. The due time feature is something I have recently started using and benefitting from — push notifications for said feature would be great!! Please assign engineering to create this functionality!

Great tool overall. Thank you!


Please Asana team consider to put this functionality as soon as possible, we still have to work with evernote for notifications at due time, you have the field, have the app, just push notifications, for us will be a plus to jump to pay


This will definitely be a great feature to add


Can’t believe that push notifications at due date are not a supported feature. I’m deciding this week on whether my team and I can continue to use Asana, and as of this moment it appears we’ll be looking for a different solution.


Please add a push notification feature! That’s why I have a task manager in the first place. Ideally, it should be a feature that could be activated for chosen tasks - not automatically set for each task that has a due date. I suggest a little bell on the toolbar; if I click it, I will be noticed on due date, unless I choose another time and date.


Lack of push notifi. is a reason I using other tools tho asana have a lot of great unique funtions. Forme its simply primary requirement of any task tool.


Please Asana add this function! Please, please, please :slight_smile:

It really is a basic function for any task app.


Dear Asana,

I’m a product marketing manager at a large tech company and often manage 3-4 projects at a time. I’ve used Wunderlist, Todoist and reminders and none have come close (okay maybe Wunderlist) to the organization that I feel when using Asana.

Here’s my flow and how I use your product. I setup multiple projects each with their own list, “messaging hierarchy”, “claims”, “product feature update” etc. and place these projects in the “My Task” section as their own header. Then I step into a meeting, trade off action items and next steps and simply plop the task into “My Tasks” under the correct header (if I have enough time at that moment) or move it later. From there I use Tab+P to set it to a specific project and Tab+Y/L/U to set-it to a specific time bound header and give it the good old due date/time.

Now here comes the, “is this product right for me” moment. I use Asana to keep track of all the flying storms that are coming my way. We all have been there where we’re in the midst of a particularly shitty storm and don’t realize that hours have passed. Now normally my push notifications would ding and I’d lift my head from the sunken state to realize, “oh!! Thank GOAWD I setup that Asana task because I absolutely need to switch to this next fire”.

But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to enable push notifications to appear on my lock screen that correspond to the Date and Time I set it.

Question: I see that I can enable notifications from settings > notifications > Asana but nothing seems to appear. Instead I get an email… like an actual email that groups all of my micro tasks into one lump. Great, now I need to switch into email mode which is another storm in and of itself.

Is it really true that Asana doesn’t have push notifications for time and date bound tasks? This in my opinion is both table stakes and a core feature to have.

Just some good old honest customer feedback.


I’m over here per Alexis from this thread to add my request for a notification for a date change when I’m a Follower of an item.

As a project manager I add myself as a follower to all tasks so that I’m updated when changes are made. Yesterday there were several modifications to dates of some very key tasks and I was not notified by the person who made the changes, nor did Asana notify me as a follower that the changes were made. (Yes, I’m aware that’s a communication problem but I don’t have control over 3rd party project members, unfortunately.)

It would be nice to add this type of notification to the list of items which followers are notified of. Or, if you add the ability to customize what types of notifications you want, this would be a great option to include.


Why haven’t they created a push notification? Are they working on this? Has anyone responded to these inquiries?


Asana does not give information about their roadmap so you won’t have any answer. However their product team looks at the Community!


Actually, they previously stated that they are currently not looking into it ‘because it is too hard’. :smiley:

It’s further above in the conversation: Push Notifications at ‘Due Time’


I connected my account to slack and now I’m getting desktop notifications in my Asana channel. When you set it up, slack will ask if you want to get notifications for projects you’re following. For the record, I think native would be better but this has been helpful until that happens.


Did you post this tool somewhere, Kevin? I can’t figure out how to share out the “Due Time” through any tools.


I would also like to have a push Android notification as a remider for my tasks and meetings.
It will be great to have an option to set a reminder for specific time earlier before task starts.

Please, more than a year people asking for this feature. This is a basic feature for app for time management, so I don’t understand why you can not to integrate it.


For us, the feature of syncing due times to Google Calendar is very important too. It’s disappointing that it is technically difficult, but I would like to keep on pushing it to happen. Thanks Asana! :slight_smile: