Publish Option for Projects

I would really love to have the ability to build an entire project with assigned deadlines in a private or unpublished mode until I’m ready to share details. I’m rarely able to get project details fully entered into Asana before my team starts asking me questions so I usually wait to assign tasks until the very end. This would be really helpful for projects that I use as templates too.

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This is a great idea, @Jenna_Zache. I voted!

As you implied, perhaps this could also provide a solution for the template-tasks-shouldn’t-be-assigned problem; just by leaving template projects in the new “Unpublished” state.


This makes a ton of sense. It’s cumbersome to either build an entire project with nobody assigned to anything or to assign while the project is being created, risking that participants are jumping to view a half drafted project when the see that they’ve been assigned something new. Would love this feature. Build the thing. Get it completely finished and all items assigned. And then open it up so notifications go out, and it’s visible to appropriate parties.