Provide clickable (grey) 'like thumb' on task cards with zero likes in board view



It makes no sense that for a task on a board to get a thumbs-up like,

If the task already has one or more likes, the blue thumbs-up icon is shown on the card, and is clickable to like/unlike

If the task has zero likes so far, the user has to open the task. and click the thumb in the task header.

This means that tasks that have already received at least one ‘like’ are much more likely to get additional likes from users looking at the board-view, compared to tasks that no-one has yet liked.

NB: ‘likes’ should perhaps be a feedback category tag, like ‘boards’, ‘board’, and ‘tasks’. Conversely, why are there tags for both ‘board’ and ‘boards’. I suggest ‘board view’ to match ‘list view’.


Great feedback @Justin_Maxwell, thanks for sharing it! :crossed_fingers:t3: