Proofing in subtasks cause confusion

We had an experience today where someone in another department discovered the feedback on image feature and, though she didn’t use it excessively, it quickly lead to confusion. With multiple pieces of feedback comes multiple subtasks (one for each) that quickly filled up my designer’s task list. Conversations for the same project started to happen in both the parent task and the subtasks, so there wasn’t one flow of communication. One of the purposes of Asana is to create streamlined communication flows for us, not break them apart into multiple places.
I like the general idea of a way to leave feedback on images but the use of subtasks as they currently exist for that purpose is not the best way to approach that. For our team, at least. I will be interested to see how this feature evolves over time! Thanks!

Hi @Alyssa_Craig :wave:t3:and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

The feature you’re referring to is called Proofing, you can learn more about it in the following article: One solution to the problem you’re describing would be to establish some conventions with your team, that would probably help to reduce confusion.
In addition to the feedback you’ve submitted, I’m curious to know: in an ideal world, what would proofing look like? How could we make it more easy to use for your team? This would be super helpful to help inform future updates for proofing, so if you’ve some time to share your thoughts, we would be super grateful!

Have a great day, and let us know if there is anything else we can help with!


Thanks for the reply, Marie! I appreciate the further information.

Absolutely! I’m happy to share some thoughts I’ve had and that have come up in discussions with coworkers:

  • One thing that would be helpful is if all feedback funneled into one subtask rather than each producing its own. It would be wonderful to see it all together and be able to respond to it all at once, as well as avoid creating multiple places where people might try to communicate.

  • Another thought would be the ability to turn off commenting on subtasks. If there are multiple subtasks in use, I would love to have the ability to reduce WHERE team members are able to have conversations - thus solving some of the communication mayhem.

Overall, in an ideal world proofing would happen in one location where all comments and feedback would live together. I’m imagining something a bit like how Google docs work with their commenting feature on the same document.

For some added context, I am the project manager for our marketing department so those are the lenses through which I’m approaching this. I’m looking for simplicity and as few areas as possible where point of failure in our processes could happen, especially since we work with teams all across the company. We have over 600 people so I’m often working with people who have never interacted with our team. So the more simple I can help make the whole process, the more efficiently we can fulfill requests and make it a smooth process for the teams/individuals we’re working with.

Thank you so much! I am loving see the new functionalities that are coming out from Asana.

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