Prompt to rehome projects when deleting a team

When deleting a team, it would be great if Asana asked you where you’d like to move existing projects, rather than totally deleting them.

Here’s two scenarios this would be helpful:

  • I want to merge two teams together without manually moving projects.
  • I want to delete a team that may have private projects in it, which I can’t see, but I don’t want to survey my whole organization to find out if there’s private work.

Interesting use cases! There might be some issue with permissions though: team don’t have the same members, and I would not want someone to decide that my projects (even public) can suddenly be seen by a whole new bunch or people (or less people for that matter).

Fair enough. I think it could still prompt you to say something like, “Are you sure you want to delete this team? Bastien, Thomas and Cindy have private projects in this team.” At least give you some indication that private projects exist and direct you toward resolving them.

Right now, the alternative, is I think the team is empty (but it’s not) and then I trash everyone’s projects without knowing it :woman_shrugging:

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