Projects vs Tasks for 30+ products in development

We’re a physical product company. We’re developing 30+ new products that all follow a similar “template” to get from concept to production.

Our current solution is to use one “project” called “catalog development”, then each product has it’s own parent task with a list of 100+ mini subtasks. The advantage of this situation is that you can easily see all your products in one place, in one view. You can click around easily to see which products to take action on. The downside with this solution is you get caught in subtasks often which feels one level too deep, crucial info can get lost.

Optional solution: each product gets it’s own project. This would be a better PM experience for each individual product, being able to see all the steps in a better, bigger layout than a task. Downside: you now have 30 projects and it becomes harder to navigate between all the projects and you spend more time finding stuff than doing stuff.

Optimal solution: Some type of project with sub-projects. Or a way to put projects into a folder.

Any ideas on how to handle this situation? My gut is telling me to go with the existing solution but it feels like a ton of tasks to have in one single project.

It is a downside if you use the sidenav, but my advice is: always use the search, with the keyboard shortcut Tab+/, and find stuff by their name. 30 projects is really not that many in my opinion, totally manageable.

This is what Portfolios (on the Business plan) are for, but you’ll have a couple of more clicks to navigate to a project through a portfolio.

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