Projects timeline suggestion - calendar/team calendar view




I have an idea how to make better control big team at work. Monday has a very cool view.

I know there is a Instagantt but there you can only view timeline of one project at the same time. It’s hard to control your team if you have many people in many projects at the same time.

Your team calendar view need to be upgrade to timeline view :slight_smile:


Heya, with instagantt you can view groups of projects (as I do) and have it all like that - and more importantly, they have a ‘workload’ view for that or any project that breaks it out by assignee.

However I like the suggestion in general, the calendar is nice but some different views would be great - esp like the suggestion of team calendar view change.


Hi everyone! Instagantt founder here.

@Lukasz, as @Caisha said in Instagantt you can view multiple projects at the same time by creating a Project Group (it can be found by clicking on the “+” icon on the left dark sidebar).

We also have the Workload view which is exactly the same view you showed in the screenshot! :slight_smile:


Very excited to announce Asana Timeline! Learn more here:


+1 on this. Team calendar timeline view would make HR planning so much easier. You could see each team member’s total workload and plan additional projects and vacations accordingly.
Right now we’re using Asana in parallel with Teamweek to achieve that, but using two different platforms is suboptimal.