Projects/tasks help



I was unsure how to ask for help about this software. Is there an unlimited number of how many teams or projects we can have? I know there is a limit on how many people we have per project or task.

Also, is there record retention? like how long does our records or projects stay on this database? is it forever? or several months? or is only when we decide when to erase them?



I’d say virtually no limits on teams and projects. And data stay virtually forever :slight_smile: cc @Marie who could elaborate


Thank you!!!


Hi @justine.vasquez;

As mentioned yesterday, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team, who will be in a better place to answer these questions! You can reach out to them following these steps!


Hi Marie!

Thank you so much for the help. I was able to email me the support team and they helped me out! Thank you!



Great news! Thanks for keeping me posted Justine, really appreciate it!