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Two questions please:

  1. Notifications - I manage several teams on Asana and I would like to get notified on tasks/projects that are not being completed by their due date. For example I will set an employee with a task, but since it’s “his” task, I don’t get notified when it’s overdue. Can that be changed? same thing for projects
  2. Project display - I don’t know if we’re not using the app correctly, but we end up having lots and lots of projects and the project display panel is really inconvenient - you don’t have dates on project nor can you sort/filter the various projects.

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Hi @Guy_Mor

I’m not sure about the second point but there are a couple of options for the first one. Do you have a premium account? If so, you could use Advanced Search to build a report of all incomplete tasks that are/were due within a certain time frame. You could then filter the results by assignee or project. You wouldn’t get notifications but you could access the report any time and it would always be up to date.

To get an overview of which projects are overdue, you could use the dashboard. You could get your team to update their project status (RAG) and you could also build a report in Google Sheets, which would give you precise dates.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a premium account so the above solution isn’t


Ah, that’s a shame. In that case, another option is to use the Bridge24 integration. It gives you very similar options to Asana’s Advanced Search, and you can export everything as an Excel file. Definitely worth a look if you haven’t already tried it:


It’s not perhaps a clean solution, but a free one for keeping track of over due tasks is to create follow up tasks when you create a task for someone else.

There’s an option to create one from the task menu (the … more options tab next to the task assignee at the top) - just put the due date for it as the due date of the main task, or right before, after, etc.

It’s way more cumbersome, but I do it a lot even though I can run advanced searches (which are great, but not available to you).

And I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘project display panel’ on the app - do you mean the app sidebar? Those projects are manually ordered and I think you can only do it on the desktop version?


@Caisha I used to do it, but over time (and when projects grows in terms of complexity and number of people) managing the follow up becomes more cumbersome than ever.

At the moment, as @Mark_Hudson suggested, I use the Advanced Search. I make sure to keep into consideration only the tasks I created that are overdue or that are becoming overdue. I use this because I try to avoid as much as possible data duplication and followups (if not in rare cases) tend to fall in this category!


Search is indeed the best way, but it’s not available for free users so it’s why I suggested the other way (which is a bit tedious but still free!) =)


Duh… :-1: for me :slight_smile:

You have a good point and for someone without the search it is a good option