Projected due date versus actual completion date of tasks

We want to reward staff for having no variance between the projected due date and the actual completion date. Is there a way to track this? Right now, slippage is difficult for us to monitor.

Hi @Israel_Marcano! Welcome to the Forum :clap::grinning:

Please have a look at our Time Tracking integrations here. These integrations would help you to track time for any Asana activity, see estimates, and get reports on total hours spent.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions :dizzy:

Hi @Asana, which Time Tracking integration in particular answers Israel_Marcano’s question please?

I want to track client progress across a year long program.

The program is 35 weeks long.

I want to track whether tasks are on track for completion in the 35 weeks or how far that client is behind. How do I achieve that please?

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Is there a plan to create reports that would be able to achieve what I’ve asked in the previous string?
Is there an ETA on implementation of those reports?

Hi @Sarah_Jewell, thanks for reaching out!

Currently, you can see both due date and completion date as columns in List view. However, it’s not possible to create a field that automatically calculate the time. As a workaround, you could use a third party integration or export your project to calculate the values.

I’ve also gone ahead and merged your thread with Projected due date versus actual completion date of tasks to centralize feedback. We will post an update in that thread when we have any news about this feature!