Project Writer's Block

When thinking about creating a new project, I’ve found that I can sometimes get writer’s block because I want to craft the perfect project. What I’ve found recently is that I attempted to do this with one project, and now I don’t think it is really what I need.

I’m curious do folks have a certain process or motions they go through when putting together a project? Do you just create it all in ASANA as you go or do you plan something out on a different document?

Curious how you all get started and get way from this “writer’s block”.

Hi @Tim_Maggio

The short answer: I usually just think it through or do some sketches/notes on paper if necessary. But I first started creating Asana projects 10 years ago and it’s gotten easier!

The long answer: I actually show some of those sketches here, and have a lot of other suggestions for how to put yourself in a place to get to the right projects more easily:

Hope that helps,



Thanks, Larry! I actually just found that after posting and started watching it. I’ll have to finish watching it. I definitely got myself lost in the subtask maze at first, and now I’m trying to decide whether to start a new project or try and fix the current one.


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