Project View > Select Task on Left > Highlight Task on Left when Open on Right

In a project, when I click on a task to view it in detail on the right, the task on the left is subtly shaded in a light light light gray.

When I follow a task link and the task opens on the right, I often want to scroll the list of tasks in the project on the left to see other tasks around it to adjust dates, possibly see who else is involved with related tasks, etc.

The light light light gray shading is very difficult to spot.

Could Asana make it pop a bit more?

Also, if a SUB-TASK is presented on the right, I would expect Asana to highlight the PARENT TASK on the left in the project task list view. Maybe the treatment could be slightly different to help indicate the parent-subtask relationship.

Also note that you could have opened on the right a task that does not belong to the project in the middle :sweat_smile:

You lost me. What?

I was stating that having a task in the right part of the screen does not always mean its project is opened in the middle. That does not change the fact that your feature request is good, I’ll upvote :+1:

I’ve seen what you describe in the case of sub-tasks. In that case, I would expect the parent task to be highlighted in a more visible way in the project task list view on the left.

If I see NO tasks highlighted in the project task list view, then I would think, “Hmm, must be in a different project.”

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