Project tracking at a glance


I’ve been using Asana for a long time to track and manage projects but have just started to use actual projects to make things easier for my team. Before we would use a board to track progress and each project would just be a task.

Making them actual projects provides us more features and eliminates some issues we had before but now I’m not sure exactly how to get an at-a-glance view or snapshot of what’s happening with every project.

We do use a dropdown to identify the project stage.

Does anyone have a tip on how to view overall status of all projects by stage, deadline, etc?


Yes, use Asana Portfolios :+1:

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I was hoping you wouldn’t tell me I needed to upgrade. :man_facepalming:

But if that’s the way, then that’s what we’ll do. Thanks Bastien!

You can also have a master project with one task per project that holds the custom fields for status etc. Some kind of cheap portfolios :slight_smile:
I’ll let @Marie from Asana tell you how awesome the portfolios are :wink:


I’ve already upgraded and completely satisfied with the decision. This will make my life so much better. :joy:


Glad to hear you’ve adopted Portfolios @Joshua_Hindman :wink: We’re currently woking on some improvements which I’ll share very soon! Keep an eye on the #community-forum-announcements category for the latest news!


Will do. Thanks Marie!

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