Project Titles and Why


I work for a larger manufacturing company and love the idea of Asana. Am simply looking for a suggested route for project titles. We have 100s of customers, and 1000s of projects. Because you can time stamp and assign all levels of subtasks, i’m hung up on which route to go for the path of a project:

  1. Project Title (Customer Name) >>> Task Template to contain items such as Quotations, Orders, Service etc… and simply list multiple projects with the customer project.

  2. Project Title (Actual Project address) >>>Task template to contain the same as above, but only specific to that specific project. and use labels to define and search for a specific project.

I guess they both work, but option 1 would have less projects over time. Option 2 would have possibly 1000’s over a few years.


Hi @James_Hein! We’ll be happy to help! First, though, I’m unclear on what you’re asking. Are you asking for help on if the project titles should be formatted as 1) “customer name” or 2) “actual project address”? You also mention subtasks.

Could you please elaborate on the following?

  • The type of work you and your team are trying to track in Asana
  • The workflows you’re trying to choose from
  • What advice we in the Community can provide you

Looking forward to helping you find the solution you’re looking for!