Project Timeline View shows a "no section" section that should not be there and can't be removed

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
The timeline view of my project has “no section” section as the first but there are no unnamed sections nor tasks not contained within a section. Can’t get rid of the “no section” section from timeline view.
Steps to reproduce:
Login to account --> create new plan from template --> toggle to timeline view --> “no section” section visible at top and can’t be removed

Browser version:
Google chrome Version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

HI @Elise_Le and thanks for reaching out!

The “No Section” section in timeline is automatically generated when your project contains some tasks that aren’t nested under a section in the List view. Could you click on the List tab and set your view to all tasks; do you see any tasks on its own?

Hi Marie - I did check my plan and can’t see any tasks that are not contained within a section

Hi Marie - here’s a screenshot of the project plan. I have collapsed all the sections and as you can see there are no tasks not contained in a section.

Thanks for the additional info @Elise_Le.

In your screenshot, I can see your project is filtered by incomplete task, could you switch it to “All tasks”? Here are the steps to follow: guess is that some of your completed tasks are not nested in a Section!

Looking forward to your reply!

Am also seeing this and don’t see tasks without a section when looking at “all tasks”. Was this question answered?


Hi Marie, I switched to “All Tasks” and the “no section” section is still there

The 2 proposed solutions have not worked for me.

Might have figured it out.

Go into the Board view and see if this is a “no section” swim lane. Delete that lane.

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Omg GENIUS! It worked. Thank you!!!

I have been called many things. Genius is a first for me.