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I don’t get how to get the project templates working in a useful way.
I have an existing project with due dates, dependencies, assignees, etc which I want to transform into a template so that I can use it when the next project comes up.

That works so far but if I change something to the existing project after I made it to a template, i.e. mark a task as complete, the task will be also shown as complete when I setup a new project from that template. Of course that it is not what I want when creating a new project from a template.

Anyway, so I thought to create a new project called ‘Template Project’, do all the settings like due dates, dependencies, assignees, etc, transfer it into a template and then don’t use anymore so that there are no changes which will be copied when creating a new project from that template.

But in that case there are open tasks for all assignees in their personal task list for my template project and if they mark them as complete, again my template is ‘destroyed’.

So all I want is a template which I can use for setting up a new project which is fixed and inactive. How can I achieve this ?

Hi @Ralph_Schonfelder, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

We suggest that once you create a Project template, you don’t work from this template. As you mentioned, if you mark tasks complete in the template and then use the template, the tasks will also be completed in the new project. You’ve mentioned that you’ve now created a “Template Project”, this the best way to proceed :+1:t2:

Regarding users seeing assigned tasks in the template in their My Tasks, we have an existing feedback thread here in the Forum where users are voting for a change to this feature. You add you vote here:

I hope this helps!

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