Project Templates- Dynamic Due Dates (T+)

Hi, we want to use Asana for monthly / quarterly recurring tasks. Is this functionality available in Asana now?

Hi @NileshS and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can do that. There’s no built-in “Quarterly” option but you can set those tasks to “Monthly, every 3 months” which is the same thing.

@Asana is there still no update on this? Three years seems like your dev/product roadmap might need some dynamic due dates too :thinking:


Any update on this?

(After 3 years, and over 8,000 views on this thread alone it seems like it would be a worthwhile and welcomed feature!)

I would like to also see a Quarterly Option, or at least change the Weekly recurrence to have the option of every 13 weeks (which is one quarter). That would allow scheduling of a quarterly task to happen on the same day of the week every quarter. The suggested 3 months solution makes you pick a day of the calendar month, which is not the same thing.

I need to do a task the last Friday of every quarter - currently there is no way to schedule that. Unless there is some way that I am overlooking.

Thank you!

would also find this functionality extremely helpful.

Currently having to add in a reminder to set the date on the next step of the task… Remembering stuff like this is far from my strength

Is this something that is possible at the task template level? I just discovered task templates (which is GREAT - we’ve been doing templates manually and it can be messy to say the least), and I’m seeing relative due dates but they only seem to be relative to when the parent task is created, rather than to the start or end date of the parent task.

I primarily use Asana for our blog content calendar, which can really only be managed altogether in 1 project (rather than multiple projects - even Portfolios does not have a calendar view, at least not yet). So I manage each article (my “projects”) on a Task level rather than a Project level as far as Asana is concerned. Unfortunately, it seems that certain features and improvements don’t seem to be available at the task and subtask level.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “parent task” - the relative date capability in a task template calculates a date relative to the date on which you create a task from the template task. That’s a mouthful, was that clear?

Hi Phil,

I wanted to bump this as I am looking for functionality similar to what @Heather_Bruce mentioned. Although Asana provides the capability to auto-populate task due dates within a task template relative to the date when you create the task, there doesn’t seem to be a capability to populate these dates based on a desired future start or end date.

This would be useful, as I plan content weeks in advance, and so having dates auto-populate based on when the item is due, rather than when it was created, would be much more useful.

Currently, I only see dynamic dating relative to a Start or Due date available at the project template level – not the task template level. I suppose I could create an individual project for every piece of content, but this quickly gets to be messy, as ideally one piece of content wouldn’t be a project in itself, but rather a part of an ongoing “Content Production” project when it all lives.


Hi @Heather_Bruce and @Omaralexis,

This topic is about Project Templates, which are different from Task Templates.

I thought there was already a forum topic for the request you’ve both expressed - having the option of having due dates on tasks added from a task template be calculated relative to some date other than the task creation date - but I can’t find one. So it would be great if one of you could start a new topic with that request in Product Feedback so people can vote for it.

Thanks for noting that, Phil. I have created a new topic specifically about dynamic Start/End dates for task templates.


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Hello hello! Friendly bump

Thanks all for your questions and suggestions on this issue. Came to this thread after a team member asked me if there was a way to update the due dates on all tasks in a newly created custom template. Disappointed that there does not yet seem to be a way to do this without integrations.

This would also be helpful for future template usage as our nonprofit team does shift due dates frequently based on our clients’ changing schedules.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Thanks again, everyone!


Asana currently provides dynamic due dates for Project Templates based on either a desired Start or End date. This makes it easy to manage the important dates for the Project and all of its associated Tasks, as everything within the Project will be populated with the dates needed meet the desired date based on a pre-defined template. However, this feature does not extend to Asana’s Task Templates.

As of now, Task Templates only provide dynamic due dates base on the day the task is created. This is not a useful function when working within an ongoing project such as an editorial calendar, a social media calendar, or a content marketing calendar. These are ongoing projects which do not have clear start or end dates but DO have clear start/end dates for the deliverables that make up the ongoing project. These are things like a podcast episode, YouTube video, or blog post which are not big enough to be considered “projects” on their own, but need to be planned week-over-week.

I think Asana should add dynamic due dates to Task Templates so that all of the subsequent subtasks in a template will auto-populate with the necessary dates to meet a desired start or end date for the task. This is the same exact function as the Project Template, only it works at the Task > Subtask level, and not just the Project > Task level. This makes it easier to stay on track for deliverables in an ongoing project such as a Content Calendar, wherein something like a weekly YouTube video or Blog post can have its associated subtasks easily managed.

Anyone else agree?

HI @Omaralexis, thanks for the taking the time to provide this feedback! :clap:t2:

Hopefully this is something we can implement for Task Templates in the future! As you know, this is a relatively new feature so feedback like this is so important for our Product team to decide where to go next with updates! :slight_smile:

I’ll come back to this thread if any updates are made :slight_smile:


Totally agree! Having dynamic due dates for task templates with dependencies is a must!

@Rebecca_McGrath Hi! Is this something that has been implemented into Asana since this post was created? If so, I would love any resources on how to leverage it!

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Hi @Jewell_Budde, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Relative due dates for task templates based on start/end dates in not yet available. You can, however, set relative due dates based on when the task was created: Task Templates • Asana

I’ll keep this thread updated if this feature is implemented :slight_smile:

We work for a fixed date because dynamic didn’t give good results. We put good time for making the work.

We’re working on project templates in Asana, and really thought we might be able to have dynamic due dates for tasks based on project due date. It would be great if this enhancement could come soon!

Hi Dakota - you can do this now! Here’s an illustration on how to set a project template to work of the project due date (it defaults to start date):