Project Task Sorting Toggle Removed

Hello - Prior to the latest update, there was a toggle on the upper right side of projects to sort between incomplete, completed, and all tasks. That has now been removed. Instead, there are sort and filter features available. But the filter feature only has options for “All incomplete tasks” or “All completed tasks.”

It would be beneficial to add back the ability to view the “All Tasks” sorting feature to see all tasks (both complete and incomplete). Our team used this feature to easily see the percentage of tasks we completed without bouncing from incomplete and complete views. Clicking on the project only shows unfinished tasks as well.

Thanks for your consideration!

Welcome, @Christopher19,

Actually, that feature wasn’t removed. When you select none of the “Quick filters” you’ll see the equivalent of All tasks:

If you have any filters applied, you can click the Clear all button shown at the bottom (it will be enabled if you have filters applied, unlike in my screenshot).



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Thanks so much Larry! It was just a matter of getting used to the new view style and your tip is greatly appreciated.

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Does anyone know if we can keep the sort settings? For example, I need to have my tasks sorted alphabetically, but every time I create the sort filter it goes away as soon as I click on another project. Is there any way to keep the sort settings in each of my projects?

Welcome, @Jason_Burns,

On the right side top, use the “. . .” overflow menu to save layout as default:


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Wow - such a silly oversight on my part. Also noticed that when I apply as default, it also makes the public link sorted that way, also. Thanks for the quick and super helpful response!!!

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