Project specific fields

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I can remember some time ago, having just had a colleague accidentally edit the wrong custom field set field set, I’d came across a way to either create project specific fields, or lock them down.

I’d tried this again recently, and couldn’t find anything that seemed to match.

I got the pop-over advert while logging in which mentioned forms, and decided to compare the cost difference between the two plans, I found that ‘Lock custom fields’ is an option offered within the Business plan.

Can you confirm, was anything like this an option within the previous pricing structure, or was it removed from our existing plan (now labeled as ‘Premium’) and added to the Business one?

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@Mike_McCormick: We do work a lot with custom fields. I know the feature but I’ve never seen it popping up in the Premium plan but with Enterprise (and now with the recently introduced Business plan).

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I agree with Patrick; I don’t think the “lock custom fields” capability was ever present in the Premium level subscription. You can see from the November 2018 Release Notes when it was first introduced that it was Enterprise-only. Then when the Business level was created, it was expanded into that level also.

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Appreciate the feedback.

I know we were on a premium trial briefly during the whole drama around portfolios, perhaps I saw the option then. I think previously I must have just created a specifically labeled field set for that project. I’ll do the same for this specific use case too.