Project Sections Not Showing Up in My Tasks

My team and I recently started a new Project with multiple sections. However, when my team goes to My Tasks, their tasks are just one list and don’t have the sections. In previous projects, the project sections were also visible under My Tasks. We have tried the different viewing options and can’t figure out how to get the Project Sections to appear under My Tasks. Any idea how to get this view back? THANK YOU!

Hi @Meagan_Kadish,

Is no longer possible to sort by Project in the Later section of your My Tasks List. This change is directly linked to the changes we are making to sections in order to implement Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) .

Unfortunately is not possible to get that view back, but you should still be able to sort tasks by Project in sections New Tasks, Today and Upcoming in My tasks page.

What you could do is advise your team to not use Section Later to ensure all tasks appear when sorting tasks by Project in My tasks.

I hope this helps!