Project Progress suggestions



Dear team,

My team is enjoying ASANA greatly to increase productivity and being able to split tasks between us in an effective manner reducing the e-mail traffic in the process.

A key functionality that we are currently lacking is more power to the project progress tab.

At this point the progress tab is designed to see progress against a pre-planned project with a set timeline. i.e. you pre-plan activities against a timeline and see how you are doing vs that plan which is great, however, this does not work very well for an ongoing and lengthy project that has tasks added to it as we go along.

The suggestion is to add customization to this tab view. It would be great to see metrics like a number of overdue items, overdue aging over a set period, something as simple as changing the view from the overall number of tasks overtime to just the outstanding number etc.

Just as an example of an alternative view, it would be great to select just the outstanding tasks (so that completed tasks are not displayed) split by on-track and overdue, making it a bar chart by month. A different view can show a number of tasks added and completed per month.

Just a few ideas here.


Hi @Mikhail_Kuzmin. I agree, it would be much easier to see this kind of information directly in the dashboard area. Have you tried reporting through Google sheets?

You can collate some of that information and create charts. The information regularly refreshes, so once you’ve set it up, it’s done. You can then also use Google Data Studio (still in beta) to create more dynamic dashboards, as with Power BI.

I know it’s labour intensive, but it might be worth setting it up in the long-term.