Project Phases in task lists?



Why do project Phases show up in the tasks lists? They aren’t tasks… they don’t even have a check box next to them in the list like the rest of the tasks do. It just clutters up the lists, and if I open the item and check it off in the properties as “complete” it marks the whole phase from the project as complete and it becomes hidden. So either I have my task lists cluttered up with Phase names, or I run the risk of missing items because they’re hidden.


Hi @Shawn_M

Why do you assign them to you? As you mentioned, they are not tasks, they are used to divide tasks. Just assign to yourself the tasks under that specific phase and you are done.



That’s what happened… I had outlined a new project and selected everything at once and assigned to me in 1 swoop. Didn’t even consider that the Phase lines would get assigned too and that would carry over to the task lists… Good call.

Thank you for the tip,



I actually do use Sections sometimes to organize My Tasks. You can create them in My Tasks just like anywhere else.