Project permissions when creating task from task template

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I created a Task Template in a project, Project A. In this task template I added one of the subtasks to a project, Project B. Another Asana user has access to Project A but does not have access to Project B. When she creates new tasks in Project A using the task template, the subtask does not get added to Project B. Is this intended behavior? If it is intended for privacy reasons, I’d submit this as a feature request. Thanks

Steps to reproduce: Requires multiple accounts with different permissions.

Browser version: n/a

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Anthony_Tamalonis. thanks for flagging this!

I investigated it further and this is currently working as expected. Since the user doesn’t have the permissions to create tasks on Project B, when she creates the subtasks from the template, these won’t be automatically added to the project. This is to avoid that people that shouldn’t have access to the project, start creating tasks and adding them to the project. Only project members with edit access will be able to add new tasks to the project. I hope this answers your question! :slight_smile:

I’m moving this thread to our #productfeedback category!

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However if you create a rule to multi-home into a private project, the rule will work if anyone else triggers it.


Good catch, @Bastien_Siebman! Thanks for sharing! :star:

Thanks @Emily_Roman , I thought you might say it was a permissions issue. I feel like the goal of limiting project access makes it hard to use task templates consistently. Two different people can use the same task template, but the tasks they create could be fundamentally different.

@Bastien_Siebman I wasn’t able to add a subtask to a project within the create subtask rules, even with tab+p. Does that work for you?

It feels strange/inconsistent that rules can trigger actions in other projects people don’t have access to, but task templates can’t. Both feel like something that would be built by one person and then used by others with different permissions.


It is not available yet I believe.