Project Owner not being automatically added as a Collaborator anymore

I’ve always been automatically added as a Collaborator on new project tasks that were created by team members of a project I own. However, for the last 2 months this functionality stopped working. Has anyone else experienced this behavior lately? Is it a bug?

Welcome to the Community Forum @Itay_Zucker!

Good question, I’m not aware we used to have this feature. Please note you’ll be added as collaborator of all tasks you create, but this is not related to the project owner role.

I really think this could be a good feature and I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team in charge of the Voice of the Customer Program.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Emily.
I’m 100% sure I used to be added as a collaborator on every new task that was opened by my project team members (I’m not referring to tasks I created) under the project I own. They did not have to add me as a collaborator either - it just happened automatically. This feature has stopped working a couple of months ago for some reason.
I see that under your “Business” plan one can create a rule that adds collaborators when a task gets added to a project. Perhaps that’s why this feature is not available anymore to your “Premium” plan users?