Project overview



Asana could be even greater with these Feature ideas:

  1. DOCS: Provide a system of editable documents to specify a project’s brief, feedback, etc.
  2. FILES: Help you keep all your project files in one place: Having a files folder with documents and dropbox links of all the important files you need to get fast, within the project.
  3. PEOPLE: manage clients, contacts, and in-house team within a project. (Keeping the business side and production side separate).

We think asana will grow and be one place where all your managing can be done.
These ideas suggest that direction…


PLUTIO: A new service providing this that is still Beta is:

Dropbox Paper: offers a great system to have editable docs, something like that within Asana projects would be great.

PAGICO: We used Pagico which included some of these features, but didn’t work for its lack of communication available within the system.