Project Overview Section - And More Project Roles

The challenging part of Asana is it so tactically list-oriented. There is not a real way to create a “Project Overview Home Page” to ensure everyone understands the bigger picture and where to cross-reference for more details.

When working cross-functionally with different departments, I’d like to give them a project home page in which they can find a key summary of the projects, the main driver, ket dates, and any additional project planning details and documents.

The other thing is I would love to be able to have DACI/RACI roles that I can set email rules for instead of just contributor roles.

What you describe is kinda Portfolios, isn’t it?

You should create a dedicated thread, otherwise it will be confusing.

I think that what’s @Lisa_Aguilar1 describes here sounds more like a project brief? This is most likely something we could achieve by developing the project overview and maybe place it in a tab next to “List, Board, Timeline”… thank in the project name drop-down.

@Lisa_Aguilar1 thanks for sharing this feedback with us, I’ll make sure to circle back on this thread if this is something we decide to develop!

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