Project overview and Project brief availability on mobile

Overview should be available via the app, you spend a whole lot of time adding all the important links to the overview and then cannot access them via the app.


Hey Asana Team.

I would like to up this post again. For our team it would also be very helpful to be able to see the project overview (especially seeing all the key resources) on the mobile apps as well.

Thank you for keeping this on your to-do list or bumping it up a bit :wink:



Agree wholeheartedly Jared. I’ve just spent days rearranging our workflow to make use of links on the overview page, and only now showing my Techs do I realise that they can’t even see the overview page as they work 100% from mobile!!


+1 for this feature. We’d love to make use of the whole overview section on the go. It’s really sad this is not an option by now.


Adding another vote for this, its actually wild that it is not accessible. We put KEY RESOURCES there and can’t access on mobile? How does that make sense?


Adding my vote to this as well. Like many others we have team members working away from desks and on mobile only, and them not being able to access the basic information in our Project briefs and Key Resources is a huge challenge and is making adoption of using Asana problematic when people can’t find what they need.


Another vote for this feature although theres been people asking for years so not sure it will help! We have project managers who I’d like to fill briefs on projects in the field to share info back to the office. PLEASE add access to this on Mobile

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Hello there, I add my voice and upvoze for this feature. I spent like 15 minutes looking for this in my iPhone app because I could not believe that such a basic functionality would not be there!

Asana, please add this to your next product update!

How is there no ‘overview’ on the mobile app yet?!

It’s literally essential to us and we’re a big agency with 3000 clients (digital marketing).


Adding our vote to this as well. It is essential to our business to access the overview on our mobile app, specifically to have access to the files we upload.