Project option not available


I don’t see the option project neither after clicking on the + sign not on the left hand side bar. can someone help.

Unable to create a project
Unable to create a project

Hi @Hira_Tewari! This is probably because you haven’t joined ( or created a Team yet ( When creating a project, you need to choose in which Team you want to house it, which explains why you won’t see the option to create a project if you don’t belong to any Team.

Hope this helps! :wink:

Unable to create a project

Hey, it worked. Thanks :+1:


Fantastic news @Hira_Tewari! Thanks for keeping me posted! :slight_smile:


I am new to Asana and so far have only created one task. I tried to create a project from the orange + symbol as the instructions stated, but I do not have Project as an option in the drop down list.
Instead of seeing Task, Conversation, Project and Invite, mine shows Task, Conversation, Team and Invite.
From what I’ve read so far, you don’t have to have Premium to create a project. Can anyone help?


Hi, Patti. That’s weird. Could you show a screenshot of this problem ?


Hi @Patti! Have a look at this post Project option not available it will probably solve your problem :slight_smile: Ps: I have gone ahead and merged this thread with Project option not available to avoid duplicates!


Great - thanks. I’m sure this is the issue.