Project of tracking # of times an employee completes a task

I am trying to develop a project to monitor some of our reps. They need to do a few different things during the year, so I want to use Asana to track completion of goals, or see what they are missing. I need to monitor these items:

  1. 200 peer introductions annually
  2. Amount of hours monthly used to educate peers
  3. Design 2 research papers
  4. Attend monthly advisory meetings
  5. Present at one meeting per quarter
  6. of hours of general advisory

Any suggestions on how to make this happen? I looked at just incorporating an Excel spreadsheet into MS Teams for having everything in one place, but I am sure Asana is more powerful and the rest of our projects are housed there.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Why don’t you have a “2020 goal - Bob” for Bob, and there you have one task for each thing you mention. And either him or you or both you complete them during the year?

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Some are quarterly, some are monthly, and some are number of times annually. So in my head I have a row of months across the top of a spread sheet. In each column I have the number of times they do said event (like a tally or a number). Then if completed, it would automate and mark it as “achieved”. That’s kind of the idea, but don’t know if that is possible within Asana.

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With the correct projects and custom fields, you could do such a thing I think. :thinking: @lpb any thoughts?

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@Brian_Teal and @Bastien_Siebman,

I’d have to hear a little more about the goals and needs, but offhand:

  • One project: “Rep Goals”
  • One row per Rep
  • A numeric custom field for each metric like Annual Peer Introductions
  • For quarterly ones, use four fields: Q1 Meetings Attended, Q2 Meetings Attended
  • For monthly ones, consider reusing a single custom field: This Month Hours Educating Peers. You’d have to reset this monthly by capturing and saving the value of each on the last day of the month. Save in that rep’s (that row’s) Description (“Jan Hours Educating Peers: 10”) and reset to 0.
  • The above is because max of 20 custom fields per project, 60 with multi-homing, so otherwise each monthly metric would take 12 slots; too many
  • I don’t see an easy way to mark “achieved” automatically in Asana though that would be easily done in a spreadsheet, so I’d definitely consider using a spreadsheet for this instead of Asana. I recommend a spreadsheet when you truly have numerical data to manipulate–you do. (I highly discourage spreadsheets in favor of Asana when you’re misusing the spreadsheet like to keep track of tasks/who/due/priority).

I’m sure there are other approaches too if you’d like to explore let me know in PM.

Hope that helps,


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