Project Name is missing from Tasks in Board, Timeline, Calendar views.

If we use Project Tempates to start new jobs in Asana (manufacturing), all of our new jobs will have a large PILE of tasks pre-made, already assigned to the appropriate “other projects” that we are using a calendar views. So, these tasks are assigned to multiple projects, one of which being the “original” Project bearing the Job Name.

How do I make that original Project (the job name) show up on all those tasks in all of the calendar/board/timeline views for the other projects that they are homed to?

For example, our painting department has a Project called “Paint”, and when a new job (Project) is created, there’s a task in it that says “Paint Completed By”, and a due date is assigned automatically by the project Template. And that task is automatically added to the “Paint” project (while also living in the original Project that bears the job’s name).

So, that’s wonderful for the paint crew-- the job shows up on their Calendar, Board, and Timeline view.

Except. They have NO IDEA what Project it is. The project name doesn’t display. There’s an option under the “Customize” section where I can supposedly toggle on the “Project Name”, but it doesn’t work. I can toggle it on, refresh screen, but none of the Project Names show up. This seems broken. Surely they don’t have to click on every single one to see what Job (Project) this belongs to.

Basically, every department in my company is going to just have dozens and dozens of tasks all named the same thing on their calendar. Either that, or someone is going to have to manually edit the name of that task on EVERY one of those jobs to splice in the Project name. Asana doesn’t seem to have a way of automating the incorporation of the Project name into the tasks built into the template.

So how is this supposed to work? Surely there’s a simple answer somewhere that I’m missing. There’s no way that “Project Tempates” are worth using, if all the pre-populated tasks can’t show up on the calendar with the original Project to show up.

Hi @Matt5
Great question!
I can think of two workarounds.

  1. Use a custom field with the project’s names. Then create a rule that sets the custom field to the project if a new task is added to the project. This is not ideal but could be helpful.
  2. Use Flowsana to update the task names when certain criteria is set.

I tried Paul’s Suggestion #1, but there is no action in the rules section that can set a custom field. That’s only a Flowsana option, which isn’t part of our package (we are trying the Business 30-day trial). Does anyone else have “set custom field” as stock Asana rule action?

I need to find a way to get this to work. Not being able to see the Project Name on Board, Timeline, Calendar view basically makes those views utterly worthless. What good does it do to see your calendar with 24 entries that all say “Order Material” but you can’t tell what Project you’re ordering material for?

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