Project Name and Description



It would be super helpful if the project Description was displayed right in view of the actual product instead of having to click to un-hide and read it. It would assist our new team members who are just getting to understand Asana be able to understand the project description straight away without clicking.


Hi @Peter_Venero! In projects, the description (if there is one) will always show up on the right hand side without have the option to collapse it. Is this what you’re talking about?


I never noticed that until now. I think because my default I always have
the sub-tasks open. Interesting!


Actually, with horizontal space so precious viewing boards, it would be great if we could collapse the description to (more) of see tasks and tags.


In Board Layout projects (as opposed to the more commonly-used List Layout), I don’t see a way to display the project description in the main task view. I would like to have the option to show it or hide it.

I’d also like the option to have a dashboard of descriptions. It’s typical for me to have 15 or more projects going, so I’d like a chance to review and manage all descriptions in one place.