Project members not being auto-followed on tasks created in project?



Given This sceanario.
“A” Project is added.
“guest 1” is added as a member to the project.
“1st” task is created in the project.

“guest 2” is added as a member to the project.
“1st” task is commented.

what happened is, although both “guest 1” and “guest 2” are members of the project, only “guest 1” will get notification. “guest 2” will not as it is added in the project later than “1st” task.

This will be very confusing. Imagine when you commenting to a task, you will never be sure which project members will get your notification, unless he/she are tasks follower.


I would guess that is because Guest 2 did not accept the invitation yet. Did he? You would expect him to find notifications in his inbox upon connection?


As the matter the fact, he did. He is a member in another project even before the “A” project is created.


And if you create a task 2, both guest 1 & 2 get notified?


@Bastien_Siebman yes


I confirm that is indeed weird and probably a bug, @Alexis what do you think?


Hey @Vib_Wor, guests or members of projects are not automatically added as followers to each task.

So if you have your project settings on to notify members of task creation in projects, then all members of a project will receive notifications as the tasks are created.

However, to see updates on the actual tasks, they will have to hit ‘follow task’ or be tagged/assigned to it.

So it’s not a bug or anything like that, it’s just a misunderstanding.

Guest 1 sees the task being created, but because they didn’t follow the task, they won’t receive any more updates about it.

The ONLY time you will receive an update on a task is if:
a) you’re a follower of the task
b) you’re the assigned person on the task

Hope that helps! =)


@Caisha Thanks for clear it up. It works exactly as you said. My bad. :slight_smile:


you are very right, I knew it but got confused by the details, kuddos


No problem Vib, happy to help! =)


Is there a way to have people follow tags? So every task that is associated with a tag (in our case we use client names as tags), I can then make sure that certain individuals are automatically listed as a follower as soon as it is tagged?


I don’t think it is possible


There’s no automated way, @Maggie, however you can use Zapier to do it. Just have the trigger be ‘when a new task is added to X tag’ then the action be ‘add XYZ as followers to task’. =)