Project members kicked off projects!c

Hi is anyone else experiencing problems where project membership changes over night across a large number (if not all) of projects?

Project owners (who are also admins) are reporting they have been removed from their projects, and that project membership has changed (increased mainly) from what it should be. Also collaborators have reported being removed from projects.

We have over 100 live projects in my company. Checking each individual project to know who shouldn’t and should be a member will be labour intensive and not a good use of my time.

This has happened twice in the last 6 months. Is this a bug in the system or is this human error on a grand scale? It’s really disruptive and isn’t helping to embed the asana across my company.

We’re using Business version with with MS Edge or Google Chrome.

I’ve logged the issue with support but any help or advice from you would be appreciated.

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Hi @Gillian_French, sorry to hear about this trouble. Given the nature of this issue involving project and member details, our Support team is best equipped to assist you. I see that you are already in touch with one of our agents, and they will be able to analyze the logs to determine whether it’s a human error or a potential bug :slight_smile:

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