Project List with Emails

Hey there!

I am looking for a way to download all of my current projects that I have in Asana, along with the email attached to that project. The idea is to have a large Excel list with all the projects and have them be able to submit task via the email link.

Is there a way to dump the entire project list with the project emails?


The project email is simply with the project id throw in there. So what you need is actually a project list export. Maybe I can improve and provide such a list? Would that help?

I created a tool called Mailana years ago used to export each project as a CSV contact, that would have helped in your case!

I think it would!! I just checked out your site - I had no idea the capabilities of Asana… well done!

Should i shoot you a message on your site?

Looks like you did because we have been discussing in my Asana :hugs: