Project list sort strips away all my due dates. No option to undo either

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I have a large list of projects in my project list. When I sort them by due date, then move a selection of projects back to the correct month, Asana strips away the due date for every project in the selection. There’s not even an option to undo this. Seriously frustrating!

Steps to reproduce:
Click “Sort” with the double arrow next to it in the top right corner of the screen.
Select “due date”.
At this point all of the projects are moved out of their respective months and grouped all together at the top of the page.
Click the group of 6 dots to the left of a project. I selected the earliest date in a random month.
Now hold down shift and click the group of 6 dots to the left of the latest date in that same month.
Now drag the selection down to the corresponding month. Ex. Drag May 1 - May 31 down to May 2019. It moves the items, but also strips away the due date for every item in the selection. There’s no option to undo this and I have to use a separate system to look up those due dates again and put them all back by hand. What’s worse is, the selection didn’t stay in order after it was moved back to May.

Browser version:
Chrome, Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:
I don’t feel like butchering my work again for the sake of a screenshot.

I tried to reproduce because I was curious but got confused: the only place you can sort projects is in a Portfolio I think. Is that what you are referring to?

Hi @kuahara, I’m sorry for the trouble. Just to clarify, you are referring to a task list within a Project, correct? I’m trying to replicate these steps here on my end and I think I’m seeing the issue you mentioned:

As you can see, I created tasks with due dates under the relevant Sections. When I “Sort by Due Date” and move the tasks back to their respective Months, the due dates disappear:

This does look like a bug, so I’m escalating the issue to our Developers for investigation. I really appreciate you flagging this. I will get back to you as soon as I have an update!

I am going to try to reproduce the issue in a series of screenshots here. Hopefully I’m clear about what is going on as I was able to reproduce the problem exactly as described again this morning.

The first image shows a list that has been sorted by due date. Unfortunately, I had to sort this list by hand, which took a lot of work because we have a lot of projects. I put a red rubber band box around the due dates.

screenshot including private information removed

In this separate project list (different calendar), you can see that the projects are not sorted at all. They show in their respective months because we put them there, but if you look at the due dates, which I have circled for December, you can see they are not in order. I chose to demonstrate with December because, as you can see, we have very few projects there and I don’t want to create a lot of work for myself for the sake of this demo. May 2019 in this calendar is much, much worse.

screenshot including private information removed

The other thing I want to direct your attention to in the screenshot above is the “Sort” item that I put a red rubber band box around in the top right corner of the screenshot. If you click on that, it produces the following menu, from which I would like to select “due date”.

screenshot including private information removed

After selecting “due date”, all of the projects are removed from their respective months and placed at the very top of the page, sorted by due date. This is close to what we’re wanting, but not quite. It is still very important to be able to see the May list sorted from soonest to latest, followed by the June list sorted soonest to latest, and so forth. I’ve scrolled down in this list so that you can see the list of empty months at the bottom and part of the sort result at the top.

screenshot including private information removed

In this next screenshot, I am still inside the sort result (sorted by due date), but I’ve scrolled back up so that you can see the same results, but including December.

screenshot including private information removed

If you select the first December project (the one with the December 13, 2019 due date), then hold shift and click the last one, it will select all the December projects. There’s actually a bug in the way it displays the selection, so for the sake of getting a screenshot that makes sense, I actually included an additional item below it, but deselected it before moving the group.

screenshot including private information removed

Now, in the screenshot above showing the December selected items, I can grab (by clicking and holding on the group of dots to the left of the project that appear on mouseover) and drag all the December items back down to “December” group.

When I do, we have a big problem:

screenshot including private information removed

If you look closely at the screenshot above and the one just before it, you’ll notice that the latest screenshot has no due dates, but the one just before dragging the group down to “December” had due dates on it. This is more than just a display bug. The due dates have actually been removed from the projects. See the following:

screenshot including private information removed

This had a due date in it before. It used to look like this:

screenshot including private information removed

You can imagine how infuriating this was when I dragged all of May 2019 on a different calendar down to “May” and the due date was suddenly stripped away from 113 projects. What’s worse, is there is not even an “undo” pop up for me to utilize to put those back or a project history that I can open and undo an event in. I have to grab the ticket number from each individual project from a completely different system, then open each project individually in Asana and put the due date back again. Something else I noticed when I dragged the giant May selection down to the section labeled “May” was that not only did it strip away the due dates, it unsorted the projects too. So originally when the May group was at the top and been in order by due date, May 1, May 1, May 1, May 2, May 2, May 3, etc… after the due dates were stripped away, the project at the top of the moved selection might have been May 17, then May 1, then May 31, and so on after I was putting the due dates back one project at a time. The projects were no longer in order.

I hope all of this has made some sense and is helpful in either providing us with a solution or at least in enabling someone to show us where we are going wrong in utilizing the software.


Are these replies being displayed to the general public? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with all of the information included in the above screenshots being displayed publicly.


Yes it is public.

Hi @kuahara, as @Bastien_Siebman said, the information shared here is public, so if you wish, I can remove your screenshots from the thread.

I’m so sorry about this trouble, I can certainly understand how frustrating this can be.
As it stands, it is not possible to sort tasks by Due Date within Sections, so that’s the normal behaviour. This feature is on our radar, and we already have a thread on this topic in your Product Feedback section: Sort tasks by Due Date WITHIN Sections

You can leave your vote there, and hopefully, this feature will be available in a future update.

Regarding the due date, I was able to replicate the steps you provided, and I saw that the due dates are removed from the tasks when you move them to the correct Section after sorting by Due Date. This does look like a bug, and I have already escalated it to our Developers for investigation.

Again, I’m really sorry for the trouble. As soon as I hear back from our Developers I will let you know.

Thanks for your patience!



If they are helpful, please save the screenshots. You can even pass them along to the developers if they are needed for reproduction, but I would like to remove them from the public post as soon as they are no longer needed.

If you don’t need them for anything and you are able, you may also feel free to remove them yourself.

Thanks a bunch.

p.s. I actually saw that post about sorting tasks within sections you are referring to, but I misread the title and thought it said, “within seconds”.


No solutions from me, just sympathy for the wasted work and the headaches. I truly empathize. :cry:


Hi @kuahara, thank you for writing back. I have included the screenshots in our report for our Developers and removed them from the public post. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Speak soon!


Exactly what I came here to say!

Hi @kuahara, thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay. I’ve heard back from our Product team and they have confirmed that after sorting, the sections get moved under a header called “No due date.” So when you drag those tasks within the sections, they’re also grouped under “no due date”. While this isn’t an ideal process, it happens by design. Apologies for the inconvenience.

As a workaround for this now, you can manually sort the tasks, or sort the tasks and then create sections between them. Those sections would inherit due dates as well.

Having said that, our Product team is aware of this issue and will work to improve this process so that you can sort within the desired sections in the future. Please let me know if you need anything else!

This just happened to me and I’m very sad. :frowning: Just imported so many dates and have to redo them now. I was trying to switch to list view after working in board view, so that I could mass tag, not realizing that moving them to their section would strip all their dates. Very sad. I hope this is something that is a priority to fix or a note that comes up when you decide to use the ‘sort by due date’ function.

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@Vanessa_N and @Asana, with the greatest respect, for a “sort” operation to destroy numerous items of customer-created data without any warning and without any possibility of recovery is unacceptable and frankly, shocking. I’d feel better if this were a bug. To hear that the Product Team intentionally designed that customer-created data would be destroyed, without warning and without recourse…well, I am speechless.

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