Project intake applications that work with Asana


What kinds of front-end intake applications have been successful? We are a communications department and our projects are currently coming in through a separate application and we manually enter it into Asana. We would like our clients/internal folks to be able to put in a project/task request and have it go directly into the Asana lobby area we’ve created. Once approved and complete it moves into the assigned and active area.


We’ve solved this using just email. Take a look at the help article below for the “email to a project” part of what we do.

We have a request email at our firm that goes to my entire department. I’ve set up a master rule on my office 365 inbox that automatically forwards any email sent to our marketing email to our “Requests” project in asana. It takes maybe 10 seconds between when the email comes in, and when it pops up in the asana project. It’s seamless for our internal clients, and makes our workflow so much easier!