Project in two teams


Is there anyway to share a project between two teams?

Thank you…


Not exactly, but you can:

  • invite in the project someone from another team
  • or you can create the project in one team, and create another project in the other team, with the tasks belonging to both projects
  • or you make the project as a team with all the members
    This is not exactly what you want but it can work.


Hi again @PedroPablo_Leon

@Julien_RENAUD is absolutely right. There is one more possibility as well, in case (since it’s not clear) the two teams aren’t living in the same Organization. I would also recommend the creation of your own Workspace for the two teams to collaborate within as an additional option.

Please note that if you wished to have premium functionality in this space, you’ll need to upgrade it separately.

Hope this helps!