Project Headline Wrapping

In both Overview in project and in Portfolio listing, the project headlines are cutoff from view. Having them ‘wrap’ (reacting to screen width) would be save time and effort.

Example - The side bar and status bar eat up space, so I cannot view the whole project name - big frustration and time waster trying to identify which of the recurring projects I need, when they are differentiated by launch date noted in project headline.

This is a great idea!

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Thank you! I hope others agree, and that the product team see this as a low lift.

I admit it was not such an issue when I was only using a single monitor. I have improved my setup with another, larger monitor and have a dedicated ASANA monitor that is on a vertical arrangement. While I can view lists and tasks and spreadsheets better, it is narrower.

Not being able to control my presentation setting - like font sizing and other visual controls - along with losing the ends of titles is a major difficulty now.

I have the same setup with a vertical monitor for my Asana and would really love the wrap around for the titles.