Project Folders

my 2 cents: this is a basic future that everybody needs. A CEO has to see all departments projects, and then have your own, and this makes it difficult and time consuming to navigate through all of them to find the one you need.

Here is a work around that I use till this future appears:

It is a modification/improvement on @carlo 's suggestion in this post.

Create a project that acts as directory, use sort by custom fields (they act as a folder tree, like notebook stacks in evernote ) that you can collapse or expand, and then have comments as projects that you can click on to go to that project.
You can use subtasks to

make it with more levels if you need that.

@Marie - I think this should be combined with the thread called “Master Projects with Sub-Projects”. Between the two, there are 131 votes and 73 individual comments.

Further, do you have any feedback on this popular feature request? Thanks.

@Marie - I’d like to follow up on my request to merge this thread with the “Master Projects with Sub-Projects” thread. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

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Thanks for the follow-up @James_Leo and my apologies for the late reply.

I’m happy to merge these threads if you wish to; the reason why haven’t done it so far is that votes won’t carry over with the merge. Since both threads have already a load of votes I thought they’d be more impactful separated rather than together. The fact votes don’t carry over is, unfortunately, a limitation of the platform we’re using for the Forum; I have already raised the issue with the platform, but at the moment I have to work around it.

Marie - Ok, thanks for that feedback. In that case, let’s keep them separated for now until you have a way to tally the votes. I really would like to gain traction for this commonly requested issues with the development team. Thanks again.

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We would really like to have folders for projects as well!


@Marie - “The long run” is really approaching fast for us and to handle my organizations project structure, we are thinking of creating 100+ teams. But having all those teams in the left pane would remove all clarity from Asana.

The alternative to have 100+ projects in one team makes team pages a mess and portfolios does not solve this structural problem. Though, portfolios is a wonderful tool for project status overview, “team folders” have another purpose…

Do you have a solution underway?

Best regards! /Johan

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Without sub-folders for projects you remove any organisation when it comes to sub-projects for larger clients. Take for example if you’re a developer firm with a big client that has 10 projects, the only workaround is to create a separate team but that adds issues of it’s own to the mix and before you know it you need 100 teams for your 100 clients and it just becomes a mess.

This isn’t even that difficult, a competent dev could have this added in within a matter of days, not months, I appreciate multiple hierarchy levels may complicate matters but a single level of hierarchy is not difficult…


Hi @JohanW and apologies for the delay in responding to you!

Regarding the sidebar, I unfortunately don’t have any good workaround to help you with your specific situation. I’m aware this is a popular request and while I can’t promise anything at that stage, I will make sure to add it to my Voice of Customer report for our team to consider adding to our roadmap.

Have you considered creating a Portfolio and adding a “status” custom field? Every time one of your Project moves from one stage to the next, you could update this “status” custom field. This would allow you to sort your Portfolio by this custom field, and quickly identify which project is at what stage?

Thanks for quick respons @Marie ! I’m sure that there are lots of teams out there struggling with the same problem and we are all so glad that you are willing to listen to us!

I will make sure to test your suggestion with portfolios, but it´s only a workaround a bigger problem since our organization and hierarchy is huge with multiple departments involved in our many housing projects. We could even have the use for subfolders as one big project could exist of as much as 10+ big sub projects… I don’t think its good to be engaged in over 100 teams…

Hopefully this is already on roll and your just struggling to keep calm when all you really want to do is to tell everybody about the new features coming up!


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Hi @Marie - I am just wondering if there is any update on this, as this is really a big issue for us and getting wider adoption of Asana across the organisation. Look forward to hearing from you - thanks so much!


Any updates on this subject? This is essential for us to simplify the organisation of our projects. We tried Wrike and their way of organising spaces, folders and projects were amazing. But, we choose Asana for the features and integrations. However, it will be awesome to be able to organise the projects in folders like we can do in Wrike.


Any update on this subject @Marie?

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I’m afraid not @JohanW, but I’m keeping a close eye on it!


I also have a lot of projects and would like to organize them in some kind of folder-structure.


My org has always implemented a workaround where we use “projects” more like sections that contain multiple projects. However, this makes Business features like “portfolio” practically useless for us, because our “projects” are actually multiple projects in one, and the idea of “completing” an individual “project” (as Asana views them) doesn’t make sense. Having a project hierarchy (like folders) would change our lives!!! And if this hierarchy could be taken into consideration in Business features like portfolios, then maybe we’d upgrade to Business :slight_smile:


A fantastic new update on projects is to include the ability to create project folder hierarchies. Other project management software allows for this functionality, such as ToDoist and Wrike (see images for examples):


Hi @Paul_Matsushima and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is a very popular thread in the Forum requesting this functionality so I’m merging your post with it to keep feedback consolidated. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great week!

Hi @Natalia Do you have any updates on the Project Folders feature request? Thanks!

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