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I’m using Asana for a long time (paid version).
Unfortunately, I really want to move out of Asana, and the main reason is missing filtering ability.
In my opinion, the base main features for a tasks management app are:

  • See a list of issues
  • Assign them to different team members
  • Filter tasks in a project by different categories (assignee, time range, labels, custom fields etc).

Currently, Asana lacks the filter options, which make it almost not usable for a team with more than 3-4 people.
I keep seeing your progress with shiny new features every few weeks, but really sad that you don’t first implement the very base features.

I really hope to see this feature soon. Any timeline or planning to do so is great.



I agree with you! I also miss the ability to filter inbox by project! If you miss it too you can participate in this discussion: Improve project notifications to make it easier for project manager to track multiple projects



Don’t you see filtering as the “sorting” option in Asana? Asana is a very versatile solution, so I think it will need a bit of work on your end to get the right structure and processes in place. I don’t agree that assigning tasks to different team members is the base of a task management app. You can let people follow, but eventually, one person is or should be responsible. image


I agree with you! I also miss the ability to filter inbox by project
I’m not talking about this, rather about in project filtering.

Thanks for your response.
I don’t see sorting and filtering as same at all. especially when I want more than one filter.
For example:
I want to see all issues with specific label grouped by an assignee.
Or only critical issues (I have a custom field called priority) grouped by an assignee.
Sometimes I want to see only critical bugs (I have type custom field with values such as feature, bug, question etc’). so it’s 2 filters.
Sorting will give me only one field to use. And except this, It keeps the “noise” on the board. So I see a lot of non-relevant issues between my relevant groups. Which make it very hard to focus on what important right now.

At the end of the day, I worked with a lot of tools during more than 12 years as a software developer and team leader, and currently, with Asana I just feel very bad UX which mostly caused by this missing filtering.
(I have more feedbacks for other feature but this is by far the most important).
I really want to see you improving the product since I really think it has great potential, and I’m willing to do my best and give feedbacks about possible filtering feature.

(Regarding the assignee statement I might don’t explained my self well. I’m talking about assign someone to be responsible, I don’t see any special problem with Asana regarding this).


Advanced search seems like the only option to suit your need here.

I think Asana shines in giving people a broader view on things. Some people don’t see this as added value and want to “deep dive”. In that case, other software is better software.


The advanced search might be an option. It’s not the best experience as just having some filter row in the top of the project but i can live with the extra clicks.
The problem is that search results doesn’t show custom fields. so now I don’t have the priority and type fields in my list.


Hi @Gilad_Shoham1,

I tried to perform a search, just as you described it and all options were possible:

So I could select both Assignee and the Custom field “Priority” :slight_smile:

To avoid clicking this field too often, you can save the search into your Reports in the sidebar - our Project Manager use this method to get an overview an all the tasks who are mentionned with “Help” for example…

Hope that this could help a bit further :slight_smile:

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I was able to filter by custom field, and also saw the save option to the sidebar.

What i miss is to see the custom fields in the search results.

For example I filter a project by few different assignee (don’t want to see all the people but only tasks of my team). Then in the results list i can’t see the priority and type.