Project duplicated but tasks are marked complete

Hi there,
I recently duplicated a project that I want to use again but all of the tasks are marked as complete, even though I didn’t opt to duplicate the due dates. How do I get it so that they are no longer marked as complete?


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I think your best chance is to multi select tasks inside the new project and mark them as incomplete. Then you can save it as a template, and create a new project based on the template…

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Hi @Jenna_Payne and welcome to the Forum!

As Bastien mentioned, I would recommend using Templates. If you already have a project you’d like to use as a template, simply multi-select all tasks and mark them Incomplete. The last step is to save this project as a template. You will then be able to create fresh projects from this template with all tasks incomplete!

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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