Project description field is so small and shy and so useful


We would like to use project description field to explain to project collaborators the guidelines of a certain project = how to behave (how to move tasks, how to tag them, when to add them) in the context of that project.

We find description field perfect for this, but it’s so small and even when it expands it stays small and users need to scroll to read through it. And there’s this huge white available space that could make it such a good guidelines space for users to see every-time they open the project. Almost like a sticky note to everyone.

Update request: Extend the height on project descriptions

I agree, @Rok_Krulec

I think the Description box should become a Notes box. We constantly use that box for working instructions or meeting notes, and it would be great to have more space.

For now, if the instructions are too big, we just attach a document to the task.


I agree, there is a lot of space unused and it’s a pity. Also I find it irritating that after clicking on “See more…” the scrollable window is immediately editable. I think it would be enough to be able to edit the project description only after clicking on an other Edit button, similarly to the Project name that was earlier editable and now one has to click on “Edit name & description” to change it.

For me the project description is a place for general reference, with important links and project goals and I don’t want to see it accidentally changed, especially when there is no available version history that can be found in tasks descriptions.


Up voted. Lots of room available to make this box useful.


Upvoted, similar to this topic as well: In board view, option to have project description visible by default

Seems like it’s a feature desired in both board and list projects. And there is a lot of space in both cases.


Upvote - Probably my #1 request!


Can you increase the height (or make it adjustable by project administrators) on the visible area of description boxes on project views?

We use the description box to store quick-access info for the project context, for example; links to important documents, static notes etc.

It’s so frustrating that so much of the side goes unused and we constantly have to click ‘See more’ to expand the description container.



Hi @Den
This is a good idea, a topic is already opened for that:

If you’re ok, I suggest you vote on that one and I’ll merge the 2 topics. Are you ok?


Are there any plans to enable project descriptions expanding and/or having the documentation somewhere on the project itself?