Project deleted notifications - how do they work, who gets them?



Hi there,
I’m looking for information on notifications when a project is deleted. I can’t find exact information on who gets notifications when a project is deleted.
I tested it on a couple of acounts and it seems sometimes I do get notified, sometimes I don’t. in both cases I was the owner of the project.

Could you tell me what it depends on or point me to some sources?


Hi @Emilia!

Per our guide post on the topic “All Project Members will receive an email notification of the (Projects) deletion and the person who deleted it will receive a link to undelete it, if they so choose. This undelete link will expire after 7 days.”

Additional information is available at the following link:

If you’re running into trouble receiving all your notifications I recommend getting in touch with our support team via our support form at

Our team would be happy to dig into this issue with you further :slight_smile: