Project date range should show up in the project list view

I see that in portfolios we can add a date range for projects, but when I go into the actual project list view, I cannot see the date posted, which forces me to put dates in the title of re-occuring projects (i.e. sprints). It would be awesome if we just had the project date displayable in the project list/board pages. Perhaps people would use the project dates more!

Hi @Joey_Sumi, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

As it stands, date ranges for projects appear in the Progress tab. I agree with you, for more visibility, it would be great to see the date range of the projects in List or Board view. Do you have any specific place in those views that you can think these dates can be placed?

@Joey_Sumi and @Emily_Roman,

I think it’s worth pointing out that in any view you always have the “i” (info) icon right next to the project name to show the project details. A click pops the name, team, description, date, and owner. A second click hides it again. For me, that’s a good solution. Described here:


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You are absolutely right! I completely missed that option, thanks @lpb! :star:

@Joey_Sumi this is the pop-up window with more details about the project and you can quickly access it from your List and Board view:

Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 16.06.41

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I think that if the dates were placed at the top of the page near the title, it would add for clarity.

That’s not a very good solution. The date view is only temporary and it pull open a pop-up module so you can’t interact with the project and have that module open at the same time.

Again, the best solution is to put the date in the Project Title, which then negates why the profile view has the date view at all. Why put the date twice?

I understand. I just wanted to make sure you knew about that, but I see it’s not helpful. I wish Asana offered more settings so we could both be happy!:


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It’s not a settings issue, it’s basic common sense. Why would we have the ability to assign a date to a project and not show that date unless we click on a tiny :information_source: icon (more discreet that this emoji)?


Above, I wrote that for me, it’s a good solution the way it is now. For most of my projects, I don’t want to see what you want to see, so the only way I know to make us both happy is to make it a setting.