Project Custom Fields


How do I get custom fields from Task Stories in Asana using CrunchData (C-Connect) to QlikView.

Currently I get custom fields from field value Task_Stories_html_text ( table: TaskStories).

I recreate these fields using functions In my QlikView app.

Many Thanks

@Phil_Seeman any advise?

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I’m not clear on what the question is. If you’re saying you’re currently getting the custom fields, then what are you needing that you’re not currently getting?

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We want to pull custom fields from Projects or Tasks when a project is created.

How do we achieve this?

That’s a really broad question.

The specifics of how to do it will depend on the language and/or library you’re using.

In general: you’ll get a task object in whatever way you do and it will contain an array of custom field values for that task, as described here in the docs. Each of those values will include the id of the custom field. Take that id and call the /custom_fields/custom_field-id endpoint (where you put that id as custom-field-id in that call) as described here in the docs to get the metadata for that custom field (its name, type, and possible values for an enum type).

Also, be sure to read and understand the overall discussion of custom fields in the docs here.

Feel free to follow up with specific questions if you have them; I think the above is about all I can offer at a very general level.

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