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I’m creating a chart that pulls upcoming tasks per assignee across all projects; however, when I generate a report the project column doesn’t automatically populate for the corresponding tasks. Some projects populate for some tasks but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern or a reason for the variation. Not sure if I’m missing a step.

Using a Mac Pro, screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 2.45.02 PM


My guess those tasks are actually subtasks, and subtasks don’t belong to their parent task’s project. Is this the case?

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Hi Bastien, thanks for your response. Yes, the tasks are subtasks. I’ve been noodling with the system for a bit and can’t figure out how to have the project automatically populate in the report. When I open the subtasks from the chart, I can see that the subtasks are housed in a specific project, but ideally when running a report for a team, I need the project easily visible within the initial list so they don’t have to open each line item.

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That’s a well known “issue” within Asana, there is no way to show the project there unless subtasks are specifically multi-homed into the project itself (either manually or with an automation). @lpb any idea?

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Got it. Thanks Bastien. So far the only work around I’ve found is tagging each task/subtask (for continuity) with the project. Let me know if you find another way.

@Bastien_Siebman and @ValNicole,

Yes, multi-homing into the “parent project” is an option, or tagging.

Sometimes my solution is just to make sure the subtasks’ parent has enough context (perhaps with project name/abbrev or not if not required), because the parent automatically shows along with the subtask name (not shown in your image, @ValNicole), perhaps:

  • Draft blog < Client1 - 2022 06 01 “Meaning of Life”
  • Edit blog < Client1 - 2022 06 01 “Meaning of Life”
  • Publish blog < Client1 - 2022 06 01 “Meaning of Life” (@Phil_Seeman) can automatically add strings, like project names and abbreviations) to tasks too.

Hope that helps,


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