Project Color Selections Look Awful Since Recent Update

I’ve been using Asana Premium for a few months. I loved using the original palette of bold project colors; they included a basic rainbow and I used ROYGBV for both our main Asana projects and our IRL physical daily calendar and labeling system. It was a perfect match and made project coordination much easier visually.

Since a recent update around the start of October these basic colors got replaced with a strange assortment of pastels and other off-putting colors. Orange is now rust-red, green is now a pastel mint green, purple is now lavender, and worst of all, basic red is now pink. I don’t mind pink, but there are already THREE other pinks to choose from; I can’t understand why the only red in the palette had to be replaced with another pink.

I was told by customer support that these terrible color changes were for color-blind accessibility. This was a confusing answer, as there is already a color-blind color support setting in the profile options, and it makes the most sense for clients to turn this option on or off on their personal computers. A system-wide mash up of off-putting colors does not seem even remotely necessary.

At the very least, I would like the option to choose my own project colors from a palette that includes basic colors like red, green, and purple. If it’s important to have more color-blind options available, than just give us all a wider range of colors to choose from. Forcing us all to use an ugly mash-up of browns and pastels is a huge disappointment and worries me about the future of Asana development.

Thanks for your consideration.

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