Project Board Customization Ability / Personal Dashboard

First I think that the Board Project should have the features of adjusting column sizes, column coloring, and the ability to collapse certain columns. It would also be super neat to be able to adjust their positions (for instance have the To-Do column be 90% height of view, and have a short For Review column underneath so that an eye can be kept on it without detracting from main focus) Also, it would be awesome if I could assign people to columns (For instance, if I am working on a proposal - being able to move it to the “For Review” column and have my supervisor or corresponding approval position assigned to it so it pops-up as a To-Do for them and once they mark it complete I can move it to a different section and they are no longer being updated on my adjustments to it)
I would love to have the ability to be able to make my own project dashboard view within my company’s view. To be able to pin different tabs (example: Files, Conversations, and List/Board) into one screen, and be able to adjust the sizing accordingly. Everyone thrives under different organizational methods - and having the ability to customize how you organize your personal view and organization (without changing it for everyone else) for projects and tasks would be so beneficial to so many people.

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