Project and Team conversations


In project or team conversations, how can I have a conversation with only one or a select few members…?


Hi @Nyasha and welcome to the Forum!

When using the Project or Team conversations, all project and team members will respectively have access to your conversation; as it stands it is not possible to manually “exclude” some of these members.

If you’re looking to have a conversation only with a few members, I would recommend creating a private task and only add the members you wish to speak with. If the conversation has to do with a specific project, you can always @mention the project in your task description to have it has a reference.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!


Hi Marie:

Thanks for the prompt response – much appreciated !

The reason for my query is that as a Project Manager I need to have private conversations with group members as I follow up on how they are rolling along with their assignments.

My approach is to follow up each person half way through the time we agreed on tasks – thus there’s no need for the other team members to be in on the conversation. Would you have some tricks and tips to achieve this…?

Many thanks. J

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No worries, you’re very welcome! I believe the best way to handle this is to create a separate private task as I explained in my latest comment :slight_smile: Let me know if you think that would work, I’m happy to brainstorm more ideas!


Hi @Nyasha,

If you’re using Asana Premium, you could set up Private Projects and Private Teams which would then let you use the Conversations feature you asked for, instead of using the private task approach @Marie suggested, which would work too.

But in using private tasks, I believe you would have to not put that task in a shared project (because others would see it there). Tasks not in a project are easy to “lose” and could require you to search to find them, though if you create them in your My Tasks and leave them there, that works. More info on all this generally in (Search for permissions).


Thanks Larry !

I’ll figure out something and if I do I’ll share it on the forum.

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