Progress Tab Suggestion



For progress with tasks:


@Brian_Kurkjian, thank you for your feedback! We will definitely take that into account as we consider more reporting options in the future.

I can recommend Instagantt as a solution for project progress that takes into account subtask completion – the program will automatically measure Task completion as a percentage of subtasks completed, and you can also manually set that completion percentage. It’s not exactly what you were thinking, yet might address that need for visual progress monitoring :slight_smile:

For Tasks that are overdue, the best place to surface those is through an Advanced Search. Have you tried creating a report of overdue Tasks to reference? Let me know what you think!


Hi @Sara, many thanks for the feedback.

As a side note, I must say, I love using Asana. It’s a wonderful tool!

My (and it looks like others as well) gripe right now is trying to present my boss with a practical, one size fits all, project management tool. Something he doesn’t have to get too dirty with, rather, utilizing it from more of a higher level (a bird’s eye view, if you will), without having to use multiple programs/software.

I did check out Instagantt, which looks to be a decent compliment to Asana. Again, I’m not sure this offers the solution I’m looking for. My hope is Asana starts integrating more and more options per user feedback as there is a ton of potential here. Thanks again!


@Sara Could you please advice how to create Advanced Search that could be saved (starred) to show Overdue Tasks? It used to work setting “Within the next 0 days” but does not work any longer.


@Przemek, in solving a bug fix around overdue Tasks showing in search results, that functionality was affected as welll. If you’d like to have a search of all Overdue Tasks in your space, set the parameters to be Incomplete Tasks with Due Date Within the last 100 Months. Thanks for pointing that out!


Agreed Brian. Hopefully Asana is adding this feature. I’m glad there’s an option to tag your subtasks to your project, then create sections, and report on the sections, but this is messy and I’d have to add every subtask of a subtask of a subtask to this list which is ridiculous and doubles+ my workload.